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Learning About Car Insurance

3 Things to Know About Auto Insurance After a DUI

by June Peterson

If you got charged with a DUI crime you may end up losing your driving privileges, and you may have certain requirements when it comes to driving and the insurance you need to drive. Auto insurance rates are based on many things, including your driving record, and they can significantly increase after a major violation, such as a DUI. Here are a few things you should understand about your driving privileges and auto insurance after a DUI.

You May Lose Your License

Losing your driving privileges is a common consequence to a DUI; however, there is a chance you might still be able to drive. If your lawyer can help you apply for a restricted driver's license. This type of license will allow you to legally drive, but you may only be able to drive certain places. This is why it is called a restricted license. You might be able to drive to and from work only, or you might be allowed to drive your kids to and from school. The privileges vary from state to state, and there are some states that do not even allow this. If you are approved for a restricted license, you must follow all the rules and restrictions that apply.

You May Need SR-22 Insurance

The second thing to understand is that you might be required to purchase SR-22 auto insurance after this happens. SR-22 insurance is a special type of insurance that is needed for high-risk drivers. When you purchase this type, the insurance company stays in contact with the DMV regarding your insurance. If you miss a payment or have a lapse in insurance coverage, the DMV will be notified, and this could cause you to lose your driving privileges.

One important thing you should understand about SR-22 insurance is that it is usually needed for up to three years, and there is a catch to this you should know about. When you are told you must have this and you are told the length of time it will be needed, you must have the insurance coverage for that time period consecutively. If there is ever a lapse in coverage, your time-frame will start over from the day you purchase a new policy.

Your Rates May Be High Now, But They Will Eventually Drop

Because auto insurance rates are based highly on a person's driving record, anyone that receives a DUI can expect to pay higher rates. DUIs are one of the most severe types of driving violations you can have on your record, and it takes time for these to drop off. If you want to find insurance that is the cheapest, you may need to do the following things:

  • shop around and ask for quotes from multiple insurance companies
  • raise your deductible on your policy
  • drop your coverage amount
  • buy a car that is worth less money

It's also important to realize that you will need to do everything you can to avoid accidents, driving violations, and claims. These things will cause your policy premiums to increase. Avoiding these things over time will help your rates drop. If you can stay accident and ticket free for several years, your rates should drop significantly.

In addition, time can also help your rates drop in other ways. For example, as you age, there might be discounts available. You might also be able to save money if you work on building and improving your credit score. You can talk to an insurance agent to learn more about the factors used in calculating insurance premiums.

If you would like to find out more about getting auto insurance after a DUI, contact a local auto insurance agency today.