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Learning About Car Insurance

Tips to Help Encourage Your Teenager to Drive Safely

by June Peterson

Many parents fear the day when their children will reach the age where they can drive. While this can be frightening in some cases, having children that are old enough to drive can also be beneficial. This may reduce the amount of trips you must make to bring them places, and teens can be great for helping with running errands for you. As you prepare for your teen to start driving, you may want to find ways to encourage him or her to develop safe driving habits, and here are some ideas that you may want to use.

Get the Right Auto Insurance Coverage

Before your teen gets behind the wheel of your car, or the car you purchased for him or her, you should make sure you have a great auto insurance policy. Auto insurance for teens can be somewhat expensive, but there is not a lot you can do about this. While you may pay more at first, safe driving habits will eventually lead to discounts on your insurance as the teen gets older and more experienced.

When you choose an auto policy, make sure you tell the insurance company that the teen will be driving. You can then choose full-coverage insurance or liability-only, depending on what your needs and requirements are, and you should make sure the coverage amounts are sufficient.

Set Clear Rules for Your Teen

When a teen first starts driving, it can be nerve wrecking as a parent, and this is simply because teens do not have any experience on the roads. Because of this, you should set clear rules for your teen that relate to driving.

A good rule to begin with is where and when the teen can drive. For example, you may want to give the teen the privilege of driving to and from school and school-related activities only to begin with. If the teen has a job, you may also include driving to and from work. With these rules, the teen will not be able to drive anywhere else for a period of time, and this will help the teen gain experience and prove responsibility. As the teen gets used to driving to and from these places, you may want to slowly allow him or her to use the car for other purposes.

In addition to rules about where and when the teen can drive, you might also want to consider enforcing the following types of rules:

  • No using cellphones during driving
  • No passengers in the car
  • No driving past a certain time at night

Base Driving Privileges on Other Things

There are other ways you can encourage your teen to drive safely too, and these can involve basing your teen's driving privileges on other things. For example, you may tell the teen that you will allow him or her to drive if the teen keeps his or her grades at a certain level. Another option is to require the teen to pay for part of the insurance expense in order for him or her to drive. You could also require the teen to do more chores in exchange for driving privileges.

As a parent, you may also want to sign your child up for driver's education. This is a course that will teach your teen how to drive and how to follow the rules of driving. Taking a course like this may result in a discount on your auto insurance policy.

Teens are at a higher risk for accidents, which means their insurance will cost more. If you would like to learn more about discounts you can get on your teen's auto insurance coverage, talk to an auto insurance agency today.