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Learning About Car Insurance

3 Weird Things Covered By Your Renter's Insurance

by June Peterson

Are you currently renting? Your landlord has insurance on the apartment or house you are renting, but unfortunately your personal things will not be covered if there's a fire, theft, or other loss. Purchasing a renter's insurance policy gives you peace of mind knowing your personal belongings lie furniture and TV are covered in case something happens to them. But here are a few surprising things your renter's policy can also cover that you may not know about.

Aunt Marge's Priceless Diamond Tiara

You know that expensive piece of bling that Aunt Marge left you after she died? You may be renting your place right now, but until you sell her tiara and buy your own home, how do you protect it in the meantime? Your renter's policy automatically covers your jewelry – including a diamond tiara – for up to a certain dollar amount. Amounts vary by state, but definitely get an appraisal for the piece first. Then, give your agent a copy and tell them to extend your policy's jewelry coverage to include the value of your tiara, which probably exceeds the regular limit. Don't forget to clarify with your agent the "mysterious disappearance" clause, which might not be one of the covered risks.

A Stolen Your Laptop From Your Car

Someone took off with your laptop after breaking the window in your car. Fortunately, your renter's policy extends to personal belongings in your vehicle, and anywhere in the world. After you file a police report, gather up some proof of ownership and call your renter's agent because you're covered. Proof of ownership would be, ideally, the original purchase receipt. Otherwise, hopefully you went through your apartment like your agent told you to do and made a list of all high-ticket items, their value and their corresponding serial numbers. Still photographs or video are a good idea option too.

Your Little Sister's Halloween Costumes

So your small kitchen fire went through the wall and burned into your sister's closet and all her Halloween costumes have gone up in smoke. It happens. Fortunately, if your sister is living with you and not just visiting, all her stuff is covered too. Renter's insurance covers the belongings of all resident relatives living with you. Talk to your agent when anyone else moves in with you. If your roommate is not a relative, you have to specifically add that person to your policy. 

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