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Learning About Car Insurance

After These Life Events, Revisit Your Auto Insurance Quotes

by June Peterson

Auto insurance quotes don't have to be a complete mystery if you know what factors the insurance companies will use to determine your rates. Many life events affect the outcome of an insurance rate quote. Thus, it's a good idea to get new quotes after many different life events.

Moving to a New House

Any time you move to a new home, check your insurance rates. It's required to let your insurer know when you have moved states. That, in itself, will change your rates. But even if you are doing a short distance move, you may be surprised how much it can affect your car insurance rates. Moving to a safer neighborhood, or away from the interstate, or to a more suburban area, can all affect the amount you need to pay for car insurance.

Getting Married or Having a Child

Married drivers may experience better auto insurance rates than their single counterparts. So can parents. These events could qualify you for discounts, and they also can signal to car insurance companies that you are a person (and driver) with less risk in your life.

Milestone Birthdays

Age can change your rates, too. The older you get, and the longer you've held a solid driving record, the more you move out of a risky age bracket for insurance companies. Contact your insurance company to find out what kind of discounts you can get for age; it may not happen every single birthday.

Having a Child Who Can Drive

When you get to the point where your children can drive, too, you might find that it's cheaper to insure everyone in a group plan. The experience of the older drivers will subsidize the risk of younger drivers, giving you lower rates for the family overall.

When you get new quotes, you shouldn't just notify your insurance carrier, like Kesner Insurance Agency Inc, of the life change and accept whatever new rate they give you. It's an opportunity to redo your quotes from other carriers as well and see if you can get even better auto insurance rates than what your current provider offers. In some cases, it's possible to greatly reduce your rates after a life change with another carrier, or get better coverage for the same price with another carrier. Since each auto insurance carrier uses their own formula for determining insurance rate quotes, you never know which auto insurance company gives the best discounts for the life change you've just experienced.