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Learning About Car Insurance

Tips For Responding To An Auto Accident

by June Peterson

The time immediately after an auto accident can be extremely stressful and frightening. Individuals will often find themselves concerned about the potential repair and medical costs. While a comprehensive auto insurance policy will help to protect you from many of these expenses, you will need to follow some important steps to help you protect yourself from mistakes that could delay the processing of your claim or the protection you get from your policy:

Always Obtain An Official Accident Report

Immediately after being involved in an accident, you will need to contact the police to obtain an accident report. Sadly, there are individuals that may assume they will not need one of these reports for a small accident. However, it can be possible for the damage to the vehicle to be far worse than you may have originally expected. Without an accident report, it can be difficult to prove that there was an accident without having to take the other driver to court. By having one of these reports created, you will have a formal record of the events surrounding the accident.

Contact Your Insurance As Soon As Possible

As soon as it is possible, you will want to contact your insurance agent. Many insurance companies will have an emergency after-hours number to contact, but if your does not, you should contact them the next day that they are open. This will allow you to start the process of filing the claim as quickly as possible. In addition to helping the claim process go more quickly, it is also a stipulation of most of these policies to report any accidents as promptly as possible.

Review Any Accident Forgiveness Programs

Individuals will often be hesitant about reporting accidents to their insurance due to a fear of their premiums increasing. However, there are many insurance providers that will offer accident forgiveness program that can protect you against these premium increases. Often, these programs will require you to complete a defensive driving course or other safety training program. While this may seem unnecessary or inconvenient, the cost savings can make this a profitable way to spend an afternoon or morning.

Knowing what to do immediately after an auto accident can be a skill that individuals may not consider until they face this problem. Being prepared for an auto accident will require you to appreciate the importance of obtaining a police report, contacting your insurance agent as quickly as possible and researching accident forgiveness programs should help you with recovering from the financial impacts of an auto accident as quickly as possible. 

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