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Learning About Car Insurance

Small Business Umbrella Insurance: 3 Tips To Help You Choose

by June Peterson

An umbrella insurance company can offer a lot of different benefits to a small business. However, just what these benefits are and how they are delivered varies from case to case. To find the best policy for your needs and to get a clearer picture of just how an umbrella policy will benefit you, there are a few steps you want to take. Here are some tips to get you started: 

Look at What You Have

Take some time to look at your current coverage. The reason this step is so helpful is that it gives you an opportunity to see exactly what is already covered under your existing policies so that you don't end up with more coverage than you need.

However, more importantly, this review will show you the areas where you don't have enough coverage, known as gaps. These areas of vulnerability can be especially dangerous for a small business with limited access to capital. Analyzing these gaps will also serve as your starting place when it comes to determining how much umbrella insurance you need to purchase. 

Review Your Claim History

The next thing you want to do is take the time to review your claim history. In addition to discovering areas where you have a lapse of coverage, getting a clearer view of your claims history and just how it affects your finances is equally important. During the review, examine how many claims you have made to date.

You can then total this to get an idea of how much you've had to spend. You also want to include information for any repairs or damages that you paid for out of pocket and did not file a claim for. Any area in which you notice you've spent a lot of money is definitely an area in which you should consider umbrella insurance for.

Speak with an Agent

Lastly, take the time to sit down with an agent. An agent can take all of the research you've gathered and make more sense of it. As a claims professional, an agent will be able to tell you about how much you can save with umbrella insurance and how much umbrella insurance you need in a more thorough way that you can.

An agent will also be able to discuss any area of vulnerability that you may have overlooked and get you covered before something happens that causes you to have to come out of pocket.

Make sure you're doing your part to protect your business. Umbrella insurance can help.