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Learning About Car Insurance

Things To Gather Before Calling For An Insurance Quote

by June Peterson

It's a wise idea to periodically get quotes on your car insurance to make sure you are getting the best deal on coverage. To save time once you are on the phone with an agent or filling out a quote form online, know what types of information you need to gather before hand. Having everything together will also ensure you get the best, most accurate insurance quote for your insurance needs.

Current policy

Grab a copy of your current car insurance policy and look it over before getting the quote. Check all your current coverage levels and make notes of which coverage types you would feel comfortable dropping or lowering. For example, if you have an excellent health insurance plan that will cover your injuries in the event of a car accident, then it may make sense to lower your personal injury coverage on your car insurance plan. Also, if there are any types of coverage or riders on the insurance you don't understand, highlight these so you can ask an agent to explain them or look them up online before getting your quote.

Personal information

Car insurance companies will need some personal information to issue a quote. This is generally the name, address, social security number, and driver's license number of all drivers in the household. If you have drivers living with you that won't be operating your car, such as a room mate, you may need to still provide their information or fill out a waiver to have them removed from the insurance. Also, if you have been insured with the same company for less than three years, you may also need to provide policy information from former companies to prove there was no gap in your insurance, so gather this info along with your personal information.

Discount paperwork

Most insurance companies provide a plethora of discount options if you can prove you qualify. The most common is the multi-policy discount, which provides you with lower overall insurance if you bundle your car with your home or renter's policy, health insurance, life insurance, or another insurance product. Gather the paperwork for any other existing policies that you may consider bundling so you have the information at hand to easily get a quote. Another common policy is a good student discount, so make sure to have report card or transcript information on hand if you have a student on the policy.

By preparing ahead of time, you can make the work of shopping for auto insurance policies much less.