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Learning About Car Insurance

The Basics Of Home Sales And Insurance

by June Peterson

If you've made the decision to sell your house, you're probably pretty heavily focused on cleaning, staging, and scheduling showings. What you might not be thinking about is your homeowner's insurance. After all, you still own the house, so why would you be concerned about that? The truth is, there are a lot of reasons to think about your homeowner's policy when you're listing your home. Here are a few things that you should discuss with your insurance agent.

Liability During The Sale Process

It's important that you let your insurance agent know as soon as possible that you'll be selling your home. When you schedule showings for your house, you'll have unfamiliar people on the property, in your home, and around your belongings. Your insurance agent needs to be aware of this because of the liability risk that it poses for you.

Not only are you at risk of theft or damage to your belongings, you're also at greater risk of personal injury hazards. If someone comes to view your home and trips, injuring themselves, you may be liable if they tripped over something that you negligently left in the way, didn't repair when you knew it needed it, or otherwise just ignored. You won't know what kind of coverage and protection you have until you call your insurance agent.

Protection During The Move

Before you move any of your belongings out of the house, you need to talk with your insurance agent. Your homeowner's insurance often only covers those things that are inside the house, not those in transport. That's most commonly an issue if you choose to use a commercial mover to help you relocate because the business should have its own liability insurance.

Make sure you document everything that's being moved so that you know what you have. Take extra pictures of anything breakable or highly valuable. You may even want to call your insurance company about adding a rider to your homeowner's insurance to extend coverage for those valuables.

Changes During Closing

When you're ready to sit down at the closing and sign over the property, your insurance company needs to know this too. The policy you have in place on that home will need to be canceled right away when the property changes hands.

In most cases, if you're closing on your new home soon or at the same time, your insurance company will have your new policy written up based on the property you're buying so that you can transition from one policy to the other without a gap in coverage.

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