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Learning About Car Insurance

3 Things To Know About Hail Damage Insurance Claims

by June Peterson

When a major storm rolls through your area, there's a lot of potential for damage to your home. Severe thunderstorms can produce high winds and even hail, which can do a number to your home's roofing and siding. Larger hail can pick up an incredible amount of velocity as it falls, which can put holes in your roofing and damage shingles. The good news is that most home insurance policies include coverage for this type of storm damage; the key is knowing what to do and what not to do following hail damage to your home's roof.

DO Understand Your Coverage

Start by reviewing your most recent policy paperwork, which will contain everything you need to know about your exact coverage for hail damage. Make sure you understand how much coverage you have in place. For example, will your insurance company pay for replacement of damaged/missing shingles or total roof replacement if needed? What about damage to your gutters? How much will you need to pay out-of-pocket?

If you have any questions, you can relay them to your insurance agent when you make your claim.

DON'T Put Off Reporting Damage

Speaking of making your claim, be sure to officially report your hail damage as soon as possible after the storm. Of course, you'll want to wait to assess your roof for damage until the storm has safely cleared the area. However, if there is an obvious water leak or other obvious damage from the hail, you can and should contact your agent immediately to get the ball rolling. Some insurance policies will have clauses in place that may render you unable to file a claim after a certain number of days has passed.

DO Choose Your Own Roofer

Even if your insurance agent recommends a roofing contractor to handle the estimate and repairs for your roof, understand that you have every right to bring in your own trusted roofing company or contractor for the job. Your insurance company cannot require you to use any particular company, so if you have a roofer you've already worked with in the past, you can certainly continue using him or her for your repairs--even if they're being paid for by your insurance company.

Hopefully, you'll never need to file a hail damage claim with your insurance company. If you do, however, following these important dos and don'ts will surely help you through the process!

For more information, you will want to contact a company like Skipton Claims Management.