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Learning About Car Insurance

The Protection Your Car Insurance Company Can Provide

by June Peterson

Do you need to buy car insurance and feel confused about all the options? That's because car insurance is not a one-size-fits-all policy that fits everyone's needs, there are several kinds of coverages that are included with car insurance, and you have the ability to change how much coverage each category has. Here are the types of protection you can get with car insurance. 

Bodily Injury Coverage

Car insurance is for more than just the car that you drive, since it also provides protection if you were to injure another person. The injury can happen in a variety of ways as well, since it includes hitting a pedestrian or injuring somebody in a vehicle you hit. Costs will be based on the maximum amount of coverage per person, so make sure you have enough to cover a reasonable amount of medical bills.

Personal Injury Protection Coverage

While bodily injury coverage will help pay for damages caused by an accident you caused, personal injury protection coverage extends to you and the passengers in your vehicle. The coverage will handle all of their losses, which includes lost wages due to missing work. 

Property Damage Coverage

There are a lot of things that fall into the property damage category, which is why it is worth having it. While your state likely has a requirement for a minimum amount of property damage insurance, know it will likely not be enough to cover you if you need it. Property damage coverage will pay for another driver's vehicle that you hit, as well as things that are damaged inside it. If you run over property on someone's land, like a fence, that would be covered as well. 

Collision Coverage

If you cause damage to your own vehicle and it was not due to another driver, that damage would fall under collision coverage. Think of this as coverage that is necessary to repair your own vehicle after an accident you cause. 

Comprehensive Coverage

Sometimes there are situations out of your control that can cause damage to your car. For example, being in a garage during a fire, having water damage from flooding, or even theft. These incidents fall under comprehensive coverage. Think of it as coverage that will prevent you from paying the full price for repairs when the damage can't be blamed on anybody.

Confused about all these coverage situations? Reach out to an insurance agent for more info.