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Learning About Car Insurance

Does Auto Or Home Insurance Cover A Car Engine Fire?

by June Peterson

Car engine fires are not overly common, but yet there are times when they occur. If you ever experience an engine fire in your car, you might want to know whether it would be covered by your insurance plans. Car fires are covered by insurance, but you must have the right type of coverage in place for the peril to be covered. Here are a few things to know about insurance coverage for car engine fires.

Ways car engine fires occur

A fire in a car engine can start for many reasons, and one way is through some sort of malfunction in the engine. If the engine overheats, for example, it could catch on fire. Engine fires can also start from vandalism. In other words, a person might set your car on fire purposely to destroy it. A car engine fire may also be the result of a home fire. If your home is on fire and the fire reaches the garage, it could cause your car to light up on fire as well.

The effects of home insurance

One important thing to know about car fires that occur from house fires is that home insurance will not cover the damages. Home insurance does not ever cover damage to cars, even if the fire is accidental and the car is parked in the garage. You can file a homeowners claim for a house fire and the loss of the structure and things inside the house, but it will not cover the damages your car experiences from the fire.

The type of auto insurance coverage needed

Car insurance does cover car engine fires, though, as long as you have the right type of coverage. The type you would need to have is comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive coverage is a great type of auto insurance to have not only for this reason but for many others too. If your car gets damaged from fire and you have comprehensive, your policy will cover it. If your car is stolen, comprehensive covers that too. In fact, comprehensive coverage protects your car from a lot of things that collision coverage does not provide coverage for. To learn more about it, ask an agent.

If you have comprehensive auto insurance and experience a car fire, you should have no problem receiving compensation for the damages. If you need to update your car insurance policy or add coverage types, call an agent today.