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Learning About Car Insurance

Important Things To Know About Hiring A Public Insurance Claim Adjuster

by June Peterson

If disaster strikes and your home sustains major damage for reasons beyond your control, you'll probably decide to file an insurance claim. The claims process can be complicated to navigate on your own, however, so you may consider hiring a public insurance claim adjuster to help you make sense of all the steps. Using the expertise of a public insurance claim adjuster is often a good decision - unlike other adjusters who are only interested in the insurance company's interests, public adjusters work solely on behalf of individuals and businesses. Here are some important things to know before hiring a public insurance claim adjuster after you experience significant property damage.

1) What exactly does a public insurance claim adjuster do?

Public insurance claim adjusters act as your guide to filling out and submitting an insurance claim. The adjuster will determine the extent of the damage to your home or business after an adverse event like a fire, flood, or hurricane. Once the assessment is completed, public adjusters use their specialized knowledge and exhaustive evaluation procedures to ensure that your claim is accurately logged and that the insurance company offers an adequate claim amount. Most public adjusters are well-versed in insurance policy lingo, and they typically have some experience working in construction.

2) What are the benefits of using a public insurance claim adjuster?

There are so many nuances involved in filing an insurance claim. This is especially true if the claim is for a high dollar amount. Although you might already have a specific estimate in mind for your property loss or damage, public adjusters utilize their expertise to ensure that the actual value takes all relevant information into consideration. For instance, if your basement floor is destroyed in a flood, your own evaluation may only consider the price of replacing the concrete. However, a public insurance claim adjuster would also calculate in less obvious elements, such as the additional cost of actually removing the ruined flooring first. Adjusters can provide a second set of eyes to make sure that even the smallest detail isn't missed and that you supply the insurance company with an itemized claim form that includes every aspect of the damage. Ultimately, a public adjuster will help you know with certainty that your claim is correct so that the insurance company doesn't have any reason to shortchange you.

3) How much does it cost to hire a public insurance claim adjuster?

Working with a public insurance claim adjuster does carry a fee. Generally, a public adjuster will charge a percentage of the final payout received from the insurance company. This percentage varies by adjuster, and each state has a different fee limit on what a public adjuster can charge. In other words, adjusters cannot exceed certain fee amounts, depending on where they operate. There are also other times when a special fee limit is imposed, such as when a state of emergency is announced.

Choosing to work with a public insurance claim adjuster can make a big difference in how smoothly the claims process goes for you after a catastrophic event and the overall dollar amount that you are paid by the insurance company.