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Learning About Car Insurance

Should You Keep Comprehensive Coverage After Paying Off Your Loan?

by June Peterson

When you own a car, you can choose the types of auto insurance you have. If you owe money on the vehicle through an auto loan, your lender will dictate what types you must carry. After paying off your loan, you will have more freedom to choose your coverage types. At this point, some people wonder if they should drop their comprehensive coverage. While you can drop this coverage, you might not want to, as it is helpful to have. Here are several factors to consider before dropping it.

What Comprehensive Covers

First, do you understand what comprehensive auto insurance is and what it covers? If not, this is a great place to start. Comprehensive is unique, as it does not cover auto collisions. Instead, it covers other types of damages you might experience. For example, it covers hail damage you might encounter after a major storm. It also covers damages to your car from other types of storms. If you ever collide with an animal while driving, it also covers that. Comprehensive coverage also protects you from damages that result from theft or vandalism. As you can see, this insurance type protects you in many ways. Therefore, it is a great form of coverage to keep.

Your Risk Levels

Before you decide what to do, you might want to consider your risk levels. Do you have a risk of colliding with an animal in your area? Is there a risk that someone might vandalize your car or that a storm might damage your vehicle? If you have any risks for these types of events, you might want to keep your comprehensive coverage.

Compare the Pros and Cons

One last thing you can do is to compare the pros and cons. The primary downside of keeping the coverage is the costs you must pay for it. One benefit of keeping it is that you can have confidence knowing that you have the protection you need. Another benefit is that the coverage is typically not that expensive. You can ask for a quote to learn more about the costs, but you will likely find that it is affordable.

As you compare your options, you might feel that keeping comprehensive coverage is a smart move. If you want to save money on your auto insurance, you can always request quotes from other insurance companies. Contact an auto insurance agent today to learn more.