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Learning About Car Insurance

Is Pay Per-Mile Motorcycle Insurance Right For You?

by June Peterson

For many motorcyclists, there truly is nothing quite like being able to hop on a bike and hit the open road. However, this does not mean that your motorcycle is your primary means of transportation. In fact, for many bike riders, the opportunity to take their bikes out for a spin does not come around often enough. Perhaps the worst part is that while they do not get to ride their motorcycle as often as they may like, they often get stuck paying high insurance rates every month even if they were only able to squeeze in a few short miles on the road. If you often find yourself in this same situation, you may benefit from choosing to purchase pay-per-mile motorcycle insurance rather than a standard insurance policy. Read on to learn more about how these policies work and how they could potentially benefit you. 

What Is Pay-Per-Mile Motorcycle Insurance? 

Pay-per-mile motorcycle insurance is a unique type of motorcycle insurance that allows you to pay only for the time you actually spend on the road rather than paying one flat rate for insurance each month. Depending upon what insurance company you choose, the number of miles you drive each month will be determined either by submitting pictures of your odometer at the beginning of each month or through the use of a plug-in device that measures the mileage and reports this information to your insurance company. 

How Does Pay-Per-Mile Insurance Differ From Lay-Up Insurance?

The traditional solution to insurance on vehicles that are often driven on a seasonal basis is known as lay-up insurance. This type of insurance coverage is vastly different than pay-per-mile insurance because it does not actually provide you with any coverage on the road. Instead, lay-up coverage simply provides you with comprehensive insurance in case your vehicle is damaged while it is parked or in storage. If you decide last minute to take your motorcycle out on an abnormally warm day in the middle of the winter, you will need to contact your insurance company and reinstate full coverage. This is not the case with pay-per-mile insurance. 

What Level Of Coverage Does Pay-Per-Mile Insurance Offer?

Pay-per-mile insurance coverage offers the same level of coverage as a traditional insurance policy. The only difference is that you only pay for coverage when you are actively on the road. Consequently, pay-per-mile policies are most beneficial to individuals who spend limited amounts of time on the road.

Is Pay-Per-Mile Motorcycle Insurance Right For You?

To determine whether or not this type of policy can save you money, you may wish to track your average mileage for a month before requesting a quote for a pay-per-mile policy. This will ensure that you are providing the insurance company with an accurate estimate of how many miles you drive each month and ultimately allow you to make an accurate comparison between the price of your traditional motorcycle insurance policy and a pay-per-mile policy.  

For more information, contact an insurance agency like Quote Buy Ride that offers pay-per-mile motorcycle insurance.