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Learning About Car Insurance

Have A New Home In An Area With Occasional Wildfires? What To Know When Getting Insurance

by June Peterson

If you have moved into an area where your home could be at high risk for forest fire damage, you need to have the property assessed. You can have a company come out and do a fire line score assessment of the property.

This is where they determine how at risk your home is for being in the line of a fire and getting damaged based on these things:

  • Forest fire history in the area
  • Location of the house to the nearest forests
  • Brush and landscaping around the property
  • Recent temperatures, draughts, and other environmental factors

Once this assessment is done, you may have to shop around for specific home fire insurance coverage. Here are some things you can do if you are worried about the cost of this extra coverage.

Show Proof of Fire Alarms

You want to show pictures to your insurance company of the fire alarms in your home. How many, where they are located, and the last time they have been tested and maintained.  If this is included in your home security system, or you have a wireless alert option, that can help in case of an emergency as well.

Take Precautions

There are precautions you can take to help keep your house safe. Some of these things include:

  • Avoid using mulch or other flammable landscaping around the home
  • Remove any trees within 10-15 feet of the house
  • Regularly clean cutters and keep debris off the roof
  • Rake the yard regularly
  • Have a sprinkler system
  • Keep gas, oils, and gas-powered machines in the garage

Loose leaves, tree twigs that have fallen on your roof, or branches that overhang your chimney are the things that could cause a wildfire to spread to your home. Be sure to take these precautions so our house doesn't get in the line of fire unnecessarily.

The insurance agent will have some suggestions and will create a report when they assess how high risk your home is for having this happen. If you are going to be using the same company you use for general home insurance that you do for wildfire coverage, you should be able to get a bundled or discounted rate.

Home insurance and having the right type of policy will be crucial if your home is struck by a wildfire. Take the time to prep your home and then shop around for the right provider and agent for your property.

For more information about home fire insurance coverage, contact a local company.