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Learning About Car Insurance

3 Ways To Get Car Insurance Quotes

by June Peterson

Getting quotes is the first step toward a car insurance purchase. That way, you can compare the offers and choose your insurance package and company. Below are the three main ways of getting car insurance quotes.

1. Insurance Comparison Websites

Some online services allow you to enter your information once and get multiple insurance quotes. You provide information such as your location, household size, square footage, and roof age. Once you get the quotes, you can choose your preferred carrier and contact them for your coverage purchase options.

Many like this method because they can go online at any time of the day and get multiple offers at once. Online quote comparison makes sense for those in the preliminary stages of their insurance shopping. For example, you can start the search online and contact a few promising carriers for further consultations.

2. Captive Agents

Captive insurance agents work for specific insurance companies. A captive agent won't tell you about competitor offers since their interest is to get you to buy from their employer. Buying insurance from a captive agent makes sense if you know the company you want, have researched coverage, and you want someone to process the purchase.

Consider a case where you have car insurance, business insurance, and life insurance from company A. You understand company A's insurance policies and coverage. You like how the company processes its claims fast and want to bundle your car insurance with the other coverage to enjoy bundling discounts. You can contact the company's agent and buy coverage.

3. Independent Agents

You can also get insurance quotes from independent insurance agents who don't work for specific companies. The agents work with different insurance companies and can help you compare discounts, rates, coverage, and other information. You can then decide and make your purchase through them.

One of the best things about independent insurance agents is that they can listen to your unique circumstances and advise you on the best insurance company to deal with. The agent isn't tied to any specific company and puts your best interest first. Unlike online resources, you can ask the agent questions and get instant feedback.

There is no right or wrong way to buy car insurance coverage. The best way depends on your circumstances, insurance knowledge, and insurance needs. For example, you should probably talk to an agent if you have never bought car insurance. That way, you can get valuable advice in addition to the quotes. Reach out to a car insurance service near you to learn more.